Morning walk – A best time to be with our own self

Good Morning friends,

How are you all? Dhirendra is excellent. I stated my day with morning walk. Last night I went to bed late around 00-30 am, so I change my morning alarm from 4-45 am to 5-00 am. When it start riming at 5-00 am, I was so sleepy and my mind said let’s take break today. No walk and just sleep. So I stop alarm and sleep again but the conscious Dhirendra inside me weak me up again in 10 minutes. So I weak up, get ready and went for walk around 5-40 am.


I notice that my walk time is THE BEST time for me to be with my self. I walk for 45 minutes. During that 45 minutes,, I was alone and with my self. I was planning my day for today. I was fixing my priorities for today. You believe or not but during walk I plan my today’s schedule with course of action for today with priorities. I think walking is the best time to be with my self. 45 minutes alone with our own self, isn’t it enough time for our self to keep our self organize.


One more thing, I listen prayers while I walk. Once I free my self from my today’s planning, I listen to prayer and give my self positive energy. Pure air adds more positivity to the lift. You ever try to walk at 6-00 am in Garden where there are 100+ tress, flowers, full carpet loan and many more natural elements. Try to imaging this view. Want to experience this? Try it. Weak up early morning and go for walk and let me know. Share with me your experience.


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