Four new govt medical colleges for north Gujarat

Good Morning Friends, Wednesday, September 03, 2008. My day starts with morning walk. Back home I was reading new and find this news which is again good news for all.

Gujarat Government has decided to set up four medical colleges for north Gujarat at Patan, Mehsana, Palanpur and Himmatnagar. The time of india report it as under. 


Gujarat government has decided to set up four medical colleges in North Gujarat. While one of them, near Patan, will be in the government sector, three others, at Mehsana, Palanpur and Himmatnagar are likely to be in the selffinance sector.

If the government is already on the move for the medical college near Patan, as for the three other colleges, things are at planning stage.


The medical college near Patan, an official note issued on Tuesday said, will have 100 seats, and will operate as part of the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University.


“Sixty acres of land have been allocated at Dharpur village near Patan,” the note quoted state health minister Jay Narayan Vyas as saying. “An essentiality certificate has been sent to the Medical Council of India in Delhi, along with a report on the financial allocation, in order to get approval for the college,” it added.


The note further said, the state government has received applications to start medical colleges at Mehsana and Palanpur.

“The applications are under active consideration of the government” , it added, even as indicating that the government is keen to start a medical college in Himatnagar, headquarters of Sabarkantha district, too.


“In case we receive an application for a medical college in Sabarkantha district, we will take it into active consideration,” the note said.



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