Janmashtami -Birth of Lord Krishna

Janmashtami, one of the most popular festivals of Hindus celebrates the birth of their beloved God, Sri Krishna. Detailed story of Janmashtami or Lord Krishna’s birth has been narrated in Puranas. Please read on to know more about the various fascinating aspects of the legend of Janmashtami as stated in Puranas.

Mathura, a prominent town of Northern India and the birth city of Sri Krishna was ruled by King Ugrasen, a Yaduvanshi ( Belonging to the Community of Yadavs). He was a great king loved by his subjects. He had two children, a son Kansa and a daughter Devki. Kansa was quite cruel by nature, his wickedness knew no bounds when he jailed his father and forcefully became the king of Mathura.

When is Janmashtami? 

Janmashtami 2008 is on August 24th
Janmashtami celebrates the birth of one of the most famous Gods of Hindu religion, Bhagwan Krishna, on the eighth day (Ashtami) in the month of Sravana or Savana. Lord Sri Krishna was born on the ‘Rohini’ nakshatram (star). It is generally celebrated in the month of August-September according to the Christian Calendar. Legend has it that Sri Krishna was born on a dark, stormy and windy night to end the rule and atrocities of his maternal uncle, Kansa.


Position of Stars at the time of Birth

It was only on the eighth day of the second fortnight, in the month of Sravana when, the moon entered the house of Vrishabha in Rohini Nakshatra (star) that Lord appeared. According to Barhapatyamana, the month of Sravana corresponds to the month of Bhadrapada Krishnapaksha. Lord was born in the year of Visvavasu, appx. 5,227 years ago.


Celebrated for over Two Days

Janmashtami is celebrated for over two days as “Rohini” nakshatra and Ashtami may not fall on the same day. The first day known as Krishnashtami, as the birth of Bhagwan Krishna falls on the eighth day after Raksha Bandhan, which generally falls in the month of August. The second day is known as Kalashtami.


Welcome the Lord at Midnight

It is only at midnight between the first and the second day that birth of Sri Krishna took place. The actual festivities begin during midnight in this 48 hour period. The celebration reaches its peak at midnight, with the birth of Lord Krishna, with lot of hymns, arti taking place and blowing of the Conch (shankh), rocking the cradle of Lord. The idol of lord is bathed with Panchamrit (A mixture of milk, ghee, oil, honey and Gangajal). The Panchamrit is later distributed as Prasad to the devotees along with other sweets. While some Fast on the first day and break it at midnight for others the fasting continues for both days. The period coincides with rainy season.



Legend of Janmashtami and  Rituals and Customs of Janmashtami will be in next post.


11 responses to “Janmashtami -Birth of Lord Krishna

  1. Nice post on Sri Krishna Janmashtami!


  2. Happy Birthday my dearest Lord Krishna. Thou who stands holding this entire universe by a single fragment of thyself. Please guide and protect us all . I hope you are going to make your presence felt more strongly soon. The world is wondering why you remain silent in the face of so much of evil deeds going on right now. I do know that you have a plan. That you will never abandon us. Why, with just a wave of your hand you can make this planet a heaven. So do it. Thanks in advance.


  3. Lord Krishna is a very special god. I have never known that a god could be mischevious, trouble making etc. Even though I am not a Hindu, I still respect Krishna and really like finding out interesting facts about him and his childhood.


  4. Hi miss Ayesha
    Its nice to know that you respect and like to find interesting dacts about him.I am also born 5 days before janmashtami and 2-3 days after rakhsa bandhan.SO I am also a leo boy like Shrikrishna ,shri Ganesh, Alexander the great,Bajirao mastani,Prince Salim( son of Akbar ), Napoleon Bonaparte.All these Leo boys were true lover boys (like most Leo boys are)who loved others from their heart and thus very sentimental persons.I can tell you more about any of these personalities whatever you want to know.
    Mail me at rajsamar1@rediffmail.com or wsg1@rediffmail.com


  5. i was born on the sane day as krishna


  6. i mean same day, sorry typo


    • Then You must be a really good person.I would certainly like to marry You.I was born 5 days before janmashtami and 2 days after rakhsha Bandhan.My moon is In Kumbha rasi Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra.It gets so well with janmashtami born that 31.5 out of 36 Gunas will match between us.So what do You say.


  7. i was born on the same day as krishna


  8. wish you many many happy returns of the day my Dear lord “KANHA”.Thank you so much for being with me always & i wish you will always be with me.


  9. Happy birthday my KRISHNA. When ur going to come. the people are waiting for dharshan.

    Srividya krishna


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